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Jul 18, 2014

Morris Chestnut to portray R Kelly in upcoming Aaliyah biopic?

A staff member at Wendy Williams Productions allegedly revealed today that actor Morris Chestnut will be portraying R Kelly in the upcoming Aaliyah biopic on Lifetime. Allegedly, Lifetime was also considering actor Lance Gross and singer Tank for the role of R Kelly. More information on the full cast will be revealed and confirmed next week during Hot Topics on The Wendy Williams Show.

Jul 18, 2014

"House Of Anubis" star Alexandra Shipp to portray Aaliyah in upcoming biopic.


Actress Alexandra Shipp from the successful Teen Nick show, “House Of Anubis”, has won the role of Aaliyah in her upcoming biopic. The team at lifetime has been working their butts off to find a replacement after Zendaya dropped, and they were allegedly stuck between Alexandra, Kylie Bunbury, and actress Logan Browning from “Hit The Floor”. We’re pleased with the end result and we know Alexandra will do a fantastic job. We know she can act, and from this video, she can definitely sing…

But can she dance?

We will have to wait and see!

The movie will be produced by Debra Martin Chase, who worked on the Whitney Houston produced movie, “Sparkle" which Aaliyah was supposed to star in.

 MAIN SOURCE: Wendy Williams

Jun 24, 2014

Beyonce set to play Superhero alongside Will Smith in “Hancock 2”!

IMBD has confirmed that the multi talented Beyonce Knowles will be appearing in “Hancock 2” alongside Will Smith. Beyonce is set to a play a superhero and possible rival to Smith’s character by the name of “Carly Kicker”. With a name like that, we’re going to assume that Beyonce’s character will have some MAJOR kicking and fighting skills.

With this being Beyonce’s first feature film in years, we know that this movie will garner even more success than the first Hancock.

Jun 16, 2014 / 1 note

Keyshia Cole Shoots New Music Video With ANTM Don Benjamin!


Keyshia Cole is switching up her look this time around as she goes for a more sexier approach. Getting ready for her new project “Point Of No Return”, she shoots her new music video with Americas Next Top Model Contestant, Don Benjamin at the Versace Mansion in Miami. Could this video be for that hot song “Believer" she dropped as a snippet? She stated Believer was supposed to be dropped this week. We shall see! Either way, we are excited and are rooting for her.




"Believer" Snippet.

Jun 1, 2014

Keyshia Chante stars in new Short Film!

Want to see Keshia Chante’s latest acting endeavor? Click on the link below and let us know what you think!

SOUL’D OUT Short Film (2014) - Starring Keshia Chante

May 25, 2014 / 6 notes

Keshia Chante, Tristan Mays, Keke Palmer, Kylie Bunbury & Tiffany Evans audition for Aaliyah Biopic!

Keyshia Chante, Tristan Mays, Keke Palmer, Kylie Bunbury, Tiffany Evans and Logan Laurice are some of the actresses who auditioned for the upcoming VH1 Aaliyah Biopic. It was alleged for years that Keyshia Chante had the role, but just a few months ago we reported that Kylie Bunbury got the role. Allegedly, everyone had to go through the audition process again because the producers finally got the Green-Light from VH1 and wanted to make sure they could find the perfect person to cast as Aaliyah. So far we know that Tristan Mays and Keke Palmer both did not make the audition process, so that leaves us down to Kylie, Keshia, Tiffany, Logan, and other known and unknown actresses whos names have yet to be released. Knowing how much they resemble in both looks and mannerisms, we PRAY that either Keshia Chante or Kylie Bundbury gets the role. 

Keshia Chante posted a picture on Instagram of the beginning of her audition process.


Kylie Bunbury


Tristan Mays posted about her frustration from not getting the role.


Logan Laurice


Keke Palmer


May 14, 2014

Danity Kane Releases New Single Artwork!!

Danity Kane’s new single will reportedly be titled “Lemonade”!

Allegedly the single will be dropped the day they begin touring. We’re all here for Danity Kane and we CANNOT wait to hear what “Lemonade” sounds like. Hopefully it will be upbeat, commercial but trend setting at the same time, and the perfect summer jam.

What’s summer without lemonade?

May 9, 2014 / 1 note

Netflix Resurrects “The Carrie Diaries” and “The Secret Circle”!


"The Carrie Diaries" has thrived so much online and is one of the most watched Teen Shows on Netflix and Hulu. For a while, it’s been speculated that The Carries Diaries was going to be canceled because even though the show was thriving via online streaming, it was lacking in TV ratings. It was officially announced today that The Carries Diaries has been canceled, however Netflix will allegedly 'resurrect it from the dead' and will also allegedly reboot the highly successful show "The Secret Circle", which ended because of CW’s alleged budget.

The Carrie Diaries will start off where they left off in its last season, but The Secret Circle will get a complete reboot. Similar to what Netflix did with the show "H2o Just Add Water".


The past members of the cast have other projects and commitments like actress Phoebe Tonkin who is on “The Originals”, and Britt Robertson who’s starring in a new series “Under The Dome" coming in June. We’re not sure what direction Netflix will go as far as casting, but were excited! Will you be streaming?

May 9, 2014 / 1 note

Jusine Skye Channels Aaliyah

Rising star and singer, Justine Skye, channels the late and iconic Aaliyah in her latest Instagram Vid. The dance moves, the little belly dance at the end and her side bang are all Aaliyah-esque and we LOVE it. The song in the video is “Never Leave" which also has an Aaliyah vibe to it as well. From the way Justine uses her soft melodic voice, to the beat/production, and to even the background "yeahh" vocals which are reminiscent to the laughing baby sounds in Aaliyah’sAre You That Somebody"… 

Justine is super talented and we love what she’s doing and is about to do in the industry. Go download her EP “Everyday Living" which features the song "Never Leave" and more. 

Feb 10, 2014

Ciara Signs Endorsement Deal With “Fanta” And Created A New Jingle W/ Mike Will

Ciara allegedly signed an endorsement deal with Fanta and will be gearing up for press and commercials this summer after her baby is born. Fanta is the perfect summer drink, and with Ciara’s gorgeous face, and amazing dancing skills, be prepared for some “epic" Fanta commercials. She also has remade the Fanta jingle with Mike Will! Can’t wait to hear what that sounds like! 

(Old version of the jingle)

Ciara also signed an endorsement with Degree Woman, which we will see more of.